Final Report

Learn about what Illinois faculty need to do their research by reading the Year of Cyberinfrastructure Final Report. Click here to access the Final Report.

John Towns, Deputy CIO for Research IT at Illinois, wants to bring the report’s findings and recommendations to the campus community. The Final Report shows what Illinois researchers across the disciplines need to best support their work. It also provides specific recommendations for meeting these needs.

Come learn about how the Final Report can impact your career and your college, and speak directly with John about any questions or concerns you may have. Dates and locations will be announced soon.

Over the course of a year, the Year of Cyberinfrastructure committee used surveys and focus groups to understand what tools and services researchers need now and how to best provide them. These findings were compiled into the Final Report and published to the campus on December 1, 2015. John will begin implementing the Final Report’s findings in the coming year.